A Review on The Arrivals

This nation really needs to wake up and observe what is going around. People have differnt ways of making the nation aware of the current scenario.Watching series has become very popular these days, it just needs to be presented in an interesting manner. ‘The Arrivals’ is an amazing piece of work giving logical reasoning on the destruction of the Muslims, it gives references of the Holy Books ,science, technology, government, media and behaviors. It is a very influencing set of series for all the Muslims out there who call themselves ‘Modern Muslims’ running away from the conventional way of presenting religious facts.
The Arrivals‘ is one of the most powerful and influential series of videos you’ll ever see on the internet telling about AntiChrist Movements, Children’s mind control, people supporting this movement, Pharaoh’s of today, important knowledge and today’s condition relating to the incidents which have to occur in future according to Quran.
The message in the Arrivals is very clear. The aim of the series is to expose the Matrix that has been systematically engineered by the World elites. ‘The Arrivals’ exposes the upper echelon families that control and regulate every facet of our lives. The series is thought provoking andspiritually uplifting.
It is an absolute masterpiece production by Noreaga & Achernahr. This series has been made by the Wake Up project .The Wake Up Project is a website & a movement, created to give each of you the opportunity to make your voice heard. Together we can all influence positive and uniting change. This team is leaded by a group of talented and aspiring directors, media developers,animators and composers. Having fifty chapters of 10 minutes each, each chapter giving a new set of information, it influences more viewers to be bound to watch the whole series.
Sehrish Azhar

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